Master of Divinity

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M.Div. Concentrations

Concentrations are optional in the MDiv program. Concentrations allow for more specialized study related to a student's ministry interests and calling. Concentrations also provide more thorough preparation for students who are considering doctoral study in a particular field.

Requirement - 8 elective credits in area of concentration

  • A maximum of 4 MDiv elective credits can be used for the concentration requirement.
  • If a student takes a ThM elective as part of their concentration, the 3 credits may serve as advanced placement in a CTS ThM program.

MDiv concentrations are available in the following areas:

ConcentrationElective Options
Old Testamentany Old Testament elective courses
New Testamentany New Testament elective courses
Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Literature
  • Biblical Aramaic (3)
  • The Ugaritic Language (3)
  • Basic Akkadian (3)
  • Comparative Semitic Grammar (3)
  • Ancient Near Eastern and Biblical Law (3)
History of Christianityany History of Christianity elective courses
Theological Studiesany Systematic Theology or Philosophical Theology or Moral Theology courses
Church Planting and Renewal
  • Basic Training in Church Planting and Renewal (required)
  • Contextual Training in Church Planting and Renewal (required)
  • 4 credits of Evangelism and Missions electives
Contextual Ministryany Contextual Ministry electives
Evangelism and Teachingany Evangelism and Teaching elective courses
Preaching and Worshipany Preaching and Worship elective courses
Pastoral Care and Leadership
  • Any Pastoral Care and Leadership elective courses.
  • CPE may be counted as 2 of the 8 credits required for the concentration.
Youth and Family Ministries
  • Youth and Family Ministry
  • Faith Formation for All Ages
  • Contemporary Youth Culture and Intergenerational Ministry
  • Small Group Ministry
  • Practicum in Teaching
  • Special Worship Occasions
  • Educational Leadership and Administration