Opportunities for Giving

Support Opportunities

Listed below are special projects going on at Calvin Theological Seminary that need your support.

Facing Your Future

A summer program for high school juniors and seniors that challenges them to explore God's call on their life, develop strong relationships, engage in theological discussion and reflection, and discover the variety of ministry opportunities in the CRC. This program includes a mission-oriented experience that provides direct exposure to a particular ministry setting. FYF requires funding of $125,000 per year. Give Now.

Ministry Incentive Program

Calvin Theological Seminary is creatively working to make our education affordable to students and to retain those students in ordained ministry.. This program grants low-interest tuition loans to M. Div. students and provides graduated loan forgiveness for pastors who remain in the ministry. MIP requires funding of $150,000 per year.. Give Now.

International Student Subsidy Fund

Recognizing the seminary needs to reflect the mosaic of God's Kingdom, CTS actively recruits and generously supports students from many countries. The goal is to train students and send them back to their home countries to preach and teach. ISSF requires funding of $140,000 per year. Give Now.

Center for Excellence in Preaching

Building on the firm platform of expository preaching that has long been the hallmark of CTS, we're now turning to the "craft" side of preaching, and will be hiring new people to teach the craft expertly to our students, and to coach it in practicing pastors. In the past year alone we have offered additional training to 500 pastors across North America. CEP requires funding of $500,000 on a yearly basis. Give Now.

Food Pantry and Clothing Bank

At Calvin Theological Seminary, many students and their families do not have an income while in seminary, therefore the food and clothing they receive through The Idema Food Pantry and Clothing Bank is deeply appreciated. Located at the Seminary, The Idema Food Pantry and Clothing Bank is an important ministry for many. To make tax-deductible donations of clean good used clothing, furniture, household items or linens, please contact Jean Garehan via email or 616-957-8602.

Named Award/Scholarship

Based on academic achievement, financial need and/or merit, named awards and scholarships are intended to directly assist students studying at Calvin Theological Seminary. $25,000 (minimum) is needed to accomplish a $1,250 annual award and $50,000 (minimum) is needed for a $2,500 scholarship.

Annual Fund

The "Annual Fund" doesn't sound glamorous, but without it your seminary cannot function. It's the fund for general operating expenses--the light, heat, maintenance and, of course, the salaries of faculty members. Calvin Seminary works diligently to contain expenses in every possible way. Employees are as dedicated as they are able, even though their remuneration does not keep up with increases in the cost of living. Please consider the Annual Fund in your giving, and pray that its goal will be met in this difficult year. If you support other projects at the seminary, thank you! But remember, all your seminary's instruction, programs, activities, and services to churches and church leaders depend upon the Annual Fund. Give Now.

Endowed Courses

Solidify the future of CTS's training by naming and endowing a core-curriculum course. Course samples include Principles of Expository Preaching, General Church History, Christian Worship, Missions, Pastoral Care, Education Ministry, Practice of Expository Preaching, Imaginative Reading for Creative Preaching, and Reformed World-and-Life View. $300,000 (one-time) or $20,000 (annual-renewable) is needed to support these courses.

Endowed Chairs

One of the greatest challenges at CTS is to secure long-term funding because the annual operational needs are ever present. By establishing a named Chair at CTS, your gift solidifies a professorship in CTS's core-curriculum indefinitely. Additionally, the named Chair honors the name (sake) requested and helps alleviate annual operational needs on the seminary, freeing up resources to enhance seminary initiatives in other areas.

Options Include:

  • Lifetime Gift: $2 million secures a Chair for the life of the institution (5% yield to generate $100,000 annually).
  • $110,000 (annual-renewable) funds a Chair annually.
  • 10 Year and 7 Year Draw-Down options are also available. These Generational Chairs are for less funding and last 10 to 15 years.


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